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A smart program that helps you complete successful Forex transactions
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Marketiva is a smart application that provides online trading services. This program has an easy-to-use interface, which provides quick access to all the program tools.
The application displays detailed financial information about the Commodities with which you trade, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, as well as information regarding Forex transactions and Funds. Marketiva also provides a charting system, which is a prerequisite for every trader when it comes to analyzing currency fluctuations.

Marketiva integrates a system that delivers real-time news from various markets. Also, the traders are offered the possibility to exchange hints and ideas on a discussion page provided by this application.

Using Marketiva, users are able to create customized charts and use a large number of tools to edit them. The program provides online support on multiple levels, according to your experience and location. You may conveniently access this function on the discussion page, through chat.

After registering on Marketiva website, beginner traders receive 10000 virtual dollars, which they can use to practice their trading skills. You can buy or sell currency, stocks and other assets, while the program notifies you on the outcome of your transactions, if they were successful or, on the contrary, they resulted in net loss. The program gives you the possibility to set a maximum loss amount, at which you can choose to automatically abandon the transaction.

In conclusion, Marketiva is a great program that integrates all the tools, which traders might need in order to complete successful online transactions.

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